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TERMS + CONDITIONS- Julia Götz hair & make-up

 The booking is made in writing. The contractor confirms the booking within the next 7 days in writing by mail or e-mail.

 The customer recognizes with his signature and/or the return of the E-Mail the contents of the confirmation of order, as well as the general trading conditions expressly.

The down payment must be transferred within 1 week after firm booking, on the appropriate account of the Make-up Artists and will not be refunded, with refusal of the client. The down payment (200,00 €) which will be charged as confirmation of the reservation and at the same time for the trial will not be refunded, even if the service is not used on the day of the wedding. The client has the possibility to cancel the booking within 24 hours after the trial date if there are good reasons for not liking it. There are no further costs, except for the trial date. If the deadline is exceeded, the above-mentioned scales shall apply.

 If the customer does not object to the booking contract in writing within 14 days, the same shall be valid even without returning the signed order confirmation. I.e. the not timely return of the signed order confirmation does not mean a withdrawal from the contract.


 Should the Hair & Make-up Artist not be able to fulfill the contract due to force majeure or sudden illness, it will try - but without acknowledging a legal obligation - to find appropriate replacement, whereby the price may change by 10%-20%. The client is not entitled to any compensation claims.

In case of prevention, the contractor shall immediately inform the customer by telephone or e-mail.  

If the booking is not made / cancelled by the client (except for a breach of contract due to force majeure in the sense of § 275 BGB), the amount of compensation is 50% of the total fee from 6 months before the date and from 3 months the total fee. The deposit will be deducted from the total price and will not be refunded to the client. The amount of the deposit is payable immediately and without deductions.


For personal injury or damage to property caused by Hair & Make-up Artist's work, liability is exclusively within the scope of their professional liability insurance. Further claims are excluded. The customer is obliged to inform his respective contractor about existing clinical pictures or allergies/incompatibilities before the beginning of treatment. The Make up Artist assumes no liability for possible allergic reactions, which occur during or after the service by the used products.



Styling failures / styling times / styling duration

Styling dates, including those agreed verbally, shall be deemed binding. The service contract is concluded with the appointment agreement. The appointment agreements are binding for both parties. Agreed dates must be cancelled at least 36 hours before the agreed date. If an appointment is cancelled or postponed at short notice, up to 100 % of the styling price may be incurred, as there is a loss of earnings. The customer reserves the right to prove that such loss of earnings has not occurred or at least not to the extent claimed.

If the customer is unable or unwilling to meet an agreed deadline, the following shall apply unless otherwise agreed:

- In the case of services already paid for, there is no entitlement to a refund or partial refund of the price paid.

- In the case of unpaid services, the obligation to pay the agreed service price, but at least a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the price, remains.

- If the Client does not appear at the agreed time without cancellation, the Contractor shall be entitled to charge the Client for the full cost of the service in the amount of 100% of the agreed service price, unless the Client can prove that no such damage has occurred. The payment period for invoices is 7 working days. After expiry of this payment period, the customer shall be in default even without a reminder.

If the agreed terms of payment are not adhered to by the customer, he shall bear the costs of the reminder and collection procedure which thereby begins. In the event of default, 8% interest above the respective base rate shall be charged.

- If the customer's delay is such that the booked service is no longer feasible without disrupting the further course of the schedule and/or if waiting times arise for subsequent customers if the service is used in full, Julia Götz reserves the right to calculate the date at full price but to shorten it accordingly so that subsequent customers can be styled and served to their complete satisfaction.

- The duration of the service can be found in the offer and price lists. The contractual partner who makes use of the service is obliged to accept the service. Only if he can prove that this was impossible for him, for example by a medical certificate or police report, does he have no obligation to pay. (Local Court Munich, AZ 163C33450/08)

- The execution time is only approximately determined. Time shifts and delays on a styling date, regardless of which contractual partner causes or is responsible for them, are irrelevant until the expiry of a period of up to 30 minutes. The booked stylings will be completed within the styling times determined in advance. 

Julia Götz is not obliged to implement guest stylings that have not been agreed upon or registered beforehand. Booked guest stylings which are not cancelled 4 weeks before the styling date are to be paid 100%.

If the client is unable or unwilling to make use of a styling appointment, an alternative appointment for the cancelled appointment must be agreed upon at the client's request, unless compelling legal reasons require otherwise. However, this is only possible if this is requested by the client before the start of the respective styling appointment.

- If an appointment cannot be kept by us due to reasons beyond our control or force majeure, the customer will be informed immediately if the address and contact data provided enable prompt contact to be established. In this case, we are entitled to postpone the appointment at short notice or to withdraw from the contract. Our statutory rights of withdrawal and termination remain unaffected.



General terms and conditions 

 Should individual provisions of the contract, including these provisions, be invalid in whole or in part, or should the contract contain a loophole, the validity of the remaining provisions or parts of such provisions shall remain unaffected.

 All amendments or extensions to this contract must be made in writing. 




The dispatch of coupons takes place against a forwarding expenses lump sum of 5.00 €. Vouchers remain the property of Julia Götz until full payment has been received.

The period of validity of vouchers is generally 12 months from the date of issue, unless otherwise individually agreed and documented. Thereafter the claim to performance expires. Payment in cash - even in residual amounts - is excluded. There is no claim in case of loss, theft or destruction of the voucher.


Terms of payment & conditions

For private customers: Before the conclusion of the service contract a deposit of 200,00 € is due before the trial date. For other services, a deposit of 50 % is due.

The total amount stated on the order confirmation must be paid in cash at the latest on the day of the service including the travel costs. 

Costs for hairpieces, hair ornaments etc. are to be borne by the customer. 

Julia Götz is responsible for the taxation of the fee, the customer is therefore not entitled to make any deductions.


Interest on arrears 

In the event of default in payment, the customer shall bear any interest on arrears (according to BGB), as well as reminder fees and claim costs. 

Court of jurisdiction and place of performance is Mannheim.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.



test shootings

The following special features apply to so-called test shootings: If the make-up artist receives no or only a very small fee for his participation in a test shoot (use only for self-promotion), but the photographs etc. taken during the test shoot are later used for other purposes, e.g. for layout purposes or as part of an advertising campaign, the make-up artist is entitled to an additional reasonable fee. The appropriateness of the fee is based on the artist's fee usually paid for the use and on the proceeds achieved by the client. Services of the Make-up Artist in the context of a test shooting or test shoot may only be used for test purposes. Without the express consent of the Make-up Artist, the work/results resulting from test shootings or test shoots may not be used by third parties, either in whole or in part. 

(reproduction, distribution and publication, also by third parties). In case of further use, the service of the Make-up Artist is to be remunerated separately. 



The Make-up Artist is entitled to be named as the author when using his work (including test shootings and editorials). In social networks, the Facebook page of the Make-up Artist ( should also be mentioned. Julia Götz must also be linked to Instagram ( ). The client ensures the implementation of these regulations in his contracts with third parties. In case of violation of these entry obligations, a surcharge of 100% on the agreed fee of the make-up artist is to be paid. 



Use of image material

The Make-up Artist is entitled to use the photographs, films, analog and digital data carriers or prints and copies thereof, for the production of which he has performed his activity, for self-promotion, i.e. in particular also in the form of a broadcast or on the Internet to publish or show as a sample work. In this case, the client is also responsible for the fact that the model (or models) shown agrees with the named use by the make-up artist. 


Copyright & transfer of rights

The Make-up Artist is the exclusive owner of all property rights, copyrights and other industrial property rights to the work samples in the form of portfolios, photographs, analogue and digital data carriers as well as drawings etc. sent and handed over by him. These work samples of the Make-up Artist may not be reproduced or made accessible to third parties without prior permission and must be returned to the Make-up Artist. The client is not entitled to a right of retention on the work samples.

It does not fall within the scope of responsibility and tasks of the Make-up Artist to check copyrighted rights of use for the use of props or to obtain corresponding rights of use. The client has to take over this task. Unless otherwise agreed, the client does not acquire ownership of the provided materials and props.

The client's claims resulting from the transfer of the rights to third parties are already now assigned to the make-up artist in the amount of the fees agreed between the make-up artist and the client as well as any incidental fees and other fees that may arise. The client is entitled to collect the claim assigned to the make-up artist from third parties in his own name for the account of the make-up artist. He has to collect the amount within seven days after receipt by him.

to the makeup artist. The client is not entitled to offset the makeup artist with disputed or not legally established counterclaims. Furthermore, the client is not entitled to assign or transfer his claims and rights against the makeup artist to third parties. In case of unauthorized use, passing on as well as other not agreed use, a fee in the amount of five times the agreed fee becomes due subject to further claims for damages. 





Participation and travel to and from the event are at your own expense. Each participant must arrive punctually at the venue at the beginning of the event. The workshop participant is liable for any damage to property or personal injury during the workshop or on arrival and departure.



Registration / Cancellation

Registration for the workshop at Julia Götz must be made exclusively in writing by e-mail to or via the contact form and is binding. In case of cancellation of the workshop by the participant - no matter for what reason - there is no right to a refund of the participation fee. However, we will try to find a substitute participant. In case of non-appearance or delay of the participant, any claim for reimbursement is void.



The total price is to be paid upon booking (after receipt of invoice). 


Rights of use of the pictures

The resulting images may only be used by the participants as reference images by stating all participating service providers (will be communicated in advance) and the clear and obvious link to In social networks, the organiser's Facebook page ( must also be mentioned. Julia Götz must also be linked to Instagram ( ).

Cancellation of the event

If the event is cancelled (due to illness or under-occupation of the workshop), the participants will be reimbursed the participation fees paid without delay. The participant is not entitled to any further reimbursement.


Final Provisions / Severability Clause

(1) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively.

(2) There are no ancillary agreements to the contract and, if subsequently intended, they must be in writing in order to be effective.

(3) The place of residence of the Contractor shall be the place of jurisdiction.

(4) Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, or should the conditions contain a loophole, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

(5) These GTC apply from 01.01.2016.

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